Looking for me?

My name is fairly common and there are several Teresa Lee's out there, more than one of us my age on LinkedIn even. For reference, I do not run a photography studio (though I do enjoy taking pictures and do know how to develop my own film), I do not sell real estate, and I have never studied Biology at doctoral level.

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Check out my game collection:

The Backloggery has mostly my DS games and is usually where I update what I am playing at the moment. The full collection of over 250 games played in my lifetime, some of which I have reviewed, is over at livingsocial.com.

If you want to speak with me by August 2nd 2016, please message me on Reddit. Did I send you a message? Please repeat the tldr of it and tell me who your favorite poet is. My Diaspora presence hasn't been well answered and I have misplaced the link. Still active on Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, Gmail, Deviant Art, Dreamwidth, Backloggery surprising enough, LinkedIn, About.me and Crunchy Roll.